Saturday, 23 August 2014

First Talk With Her.

     I still remember a first talk with her. That day, I was wait for her msg. Tomorrow is my class test but i don't care. Only Wait for her msg. That date is 28/7/'13. I don't know about her. I was listened only some thing about her, i never see her, but we want to frds of each other.
     meri or uski bat kisne karai, kaise bat hui vo bad me khuga... phle hmne jo msg me first time bat ki thi jo khuga.. Ak bat abhi ak dil me lag rhi hai, aaj tk ham mile nhi.. 6odo ye apko mera or uska conversation khta hu..

  She: hii.. I'm Angel.
  Me:  I'm Parth.
  She: How are you?
  Me: I'm fine. How               about you?
  She: I'm also fine.
  Me: Thnx for being
           My friend.
 She: No, first thnx from me, coz you are  
          being my frd.
 Me : Are you study in BSC's first year??
 She: Ya, You know many things about me.
          But, I don't know you very well.
 Me:  ohh. ask me then i told you...
 She: What's you study?? and said about ur
          Ur family
 Me:  I'm studying Civil engineering. In my
         family me, parents and brother.I think
         in ur family you, ur parents and
She: Ya, you are right..
Me : We were waiting for a being a frd.
She: ya, We are frd coz of nic my frd. She
         said me, you take a tension about me.
Me:  Ya, I don't want you face any problem
         in ur famaly coz of me.
She: Why you tens?? We are not wrong. We
         are just frd.
Me: Our generation understand this, not
        our parents. parents right on there
She: Ok. What's you listen about me.??
Me:  You are very swt with cool nature. and
         more thing. and you.??
She: I also, Vo apki itni tarif krti thi jese kisi
         ne na ki ho..  and really you are good..
Me:  no no, you are good or swt then me..
She : hmmmm
Me:  Can You Give Me One promise??Never
        left me, and don't break our frdship.
She: Can you give me first????
Me:  Ya, i give you god promise. Never
        break our frdship.
She: thank you soo much. I also give you
         god promise..
Me:  Thank you, too..
She: wc
Me: I want to need a true or best frd who
        care us, listen us..etc.. But now you
        with me. thank god..
She: me too. tomorrow ur colg, so good n8..
Me: ok.frd.. when you msg me??
She: i don't know.. i miss you. my father is
         stric so..
Me : it's ok.. b.bye.. jsk.. miss you soooo
         much take care.. I'll wait..
She: Miss you too.b.bye. jsk

        Maine ye first time koi girl se bat ki thi.. or hme first time me hi ak dusre ko bhut promiss kiye.. muje pta nhi tha uska msg kb ayega, but muje uska intjar rhega..